4.2 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 210 min

In this insightful instructional DVD, Lloyd gives viewers a new and comprehensive way to understand the fretboard, one that unlocks the mysteries that so often confuse and frustrate guitarists, whether they are beginners or advanced players. One of Guitar World's most popular instructors, Lloyd presents lessons on topics that include hexatonic blues scales, emphasizing minor thirds in pentatonic patterns, the cycle

of fourths and fifths, and much more. With more than two hours of lessons, The Alchemical Guitarist will give you the power to transform your guitar playing into pure gold.





The Alchemical Guitarist DVD contains these lessons:

Magic Circles: The cycle of fourths and fifths
Skeleton Key: Unlocking the modes with the mystical major-scale diagram
Call Me: Two telephone numbers and an introduction to vertical knowledge
Five Chords & the Truth: The five-chord cycle
The Dark Stuff: The modes in order of descending brightness
The 48-Step Program: The modal step-down practice method
Box Cutters: Breaking free with pentatonic trees
Diagonal Diatonics: Another way out of the boxes
Back in the Box: Positional play and the pentatonic boxes
Minor Issues: Emphasizing minor thirds in and out of the boxes
Opening Your Third Eye: Three maps for moving in and out of the boxes
The Hexatonic Blues Scale: Inviting the devil back to the party


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