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This book / CD set is considered a cult work by some people while totally diregarded by others. In spite of its title, Les tumbaos de la Salsa (to be understood as "rhythm patterns of Salsa") is not really dedicated to these famous Cuban rhythms. Its weaknesses: a poor proofreading, some wavering on historically and technical points... The book appears too ambitious, with too many aspects covered, and it somehow misses its objective, which is, obviously, to become a reference work. Its qualities: both accompanying CDs boast a high-quality content, plenty

of very good learning-tracks to play along (Rumba, Pilon, Songo, Bolero, Mambo, Son, Mozambique, etc.) and the book is packed with photos, some of them made in Cuba. A 150-page book divided into 7 chapters, the method is based on Daniel Genton's teaching techniques applied to congas, congas and timbales. One whole chapter is dedicated to folk ensembles, another to bass and piano. Aimed at intermediate or advanced learners, this method will principally benefit those interested in congas, thanks to the recordings and rich illustration.


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