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Rap music has become a valid and exciting part of today's music. Underlying the "Rap" of the front person, is the drum pattern-A most important and integral part of the music. An understanding and mastery of these rap rhythms should be a part of every sincere drummer's repertoire. Chuck Kerrigan has been playing drums since the age of 14. He has played Rock, Funk, Jazz-Rock, Jazz, Country-Rock, Big Band and with pop groups for over 20 years He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied with Alan Dawson

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In The Funky Beat, David focuses on combining funk and jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms to extend his own innovative style. By dissecting his grooves and musical choices for each song on the CD, David demonstrates how to develop musical skills and how to create a signature sound. This book/audio package includes eight charts and two CDs mixed with and without drums for play-along usage. As a bonus, David transcribes and explains eleven of his legendary Tower of Power grooves.

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The Evolution of Blast Beats offers an in-depth look at the drumming of today's extreme metal music such as speed metal, grindcore, and death metal. Drummers, teachers, and students will learn the history and evolution of this underground style originating from the European skank beat and evolving into a variety of blast beats found in today's hardcore metal scene.

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Over the last fifteen years, the developments of modern jazz, fusion and funk, have given a starring role on drums, emancipation from the simple function of rhythmic support that had often played in the rock music of the past decades. Why many drummers have had to update their technical and their

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Based on the authors' experience as musicians and music teachers, the book includes several exercises, music and photos and presents the main rhythms and musical genres popular in the country, indicating the best ways to play them on drums and electric bass. Concerned with the work of teaching, Ramon and Gilberto show important concepts on the drums, bass and percussion as well as melody, harmony and rhythm, the basic elements of music. They also present a brief history of each genre or tempo, passing through samba, ballad, bossa nova

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Conversations In Clave is the ultimate technical study of four-way independence based on Afro-Cuban rhythms. This detailed and methodical approach will develop four-limb coordination and expand your rhythmic vocabulary. Understanding the clave and the relationship between eighth-note and triplet

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The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs! Jim Chapin, known as the "Father of Jazz Independence," has written one of the most popular drumset books of all time. This classic work should be in every drummer's library as there is always something new to learn and develop from

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This book and two CD package is a must for all drummers wanting to explore the world of electronically produced Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass grooves! If you are new to Jungle, it will open the door to new grooves, loops, and sounds on the acoustic drumset. It also provides a wealth of exercises, transcriptions, and sound applications to achieve the feel and style of these

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The art of playing brushes has been one of the least understood aspects of the drummer's technique, and yet they are a necessary tool in order for the drummer to be well rounded. Although brush technique should be considered equally important to stick technique, most drummers today are only able to play one or

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Play all studies slowly enough to be comfortable and relaxed. Gradually increase the tempo, but stay relaxed. Use the metronomic markings on the etudes as a goal for that Etude and corresponding Study.

Experiment with the following variations: Start with the left hand, Vary the dynamics pp to lf, Play through each study without repeats, Add flams, drags and ruffs to accented notes, Roll on non-accented notes, open and closed, Roll throughout, open and closed, Play as a canon with two or