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We are all drummers...and our first jam sessions date back to a duet of heartbeats in the womb. It may be that you have forgotten, or simply lost touch with the drummer that you truly are: the lessons on the disc will begin the process of remembering how to drum. This DVD is carefully designed to reinforce basic djembe technique and provide a solid foundation for learning the rich tradition of djembe.

I believe real freedom comes from technical mastery, as technique is the practice of bringing the true voice out of a thing. Studying djembe offers such a rich variety of lessons - discipline, focus, independence, interdependence, listening, creativity - and above all, fun. Are you ready?

Includes the following exercises:

Interactive Ensembles that allow you to hear only the drums you want and silence the rest. For instance, hear all drum parts, Djembe only, or just Dunun. Eight options total! Basic Yoga warm-ups chosen especially for Djembe drummers.
Infinitely looping practice rhythms appropriate for all levels, beginner through advanced.
Develop bass, tone, and slap in order to speak clearly on the drum.
Question & Answer exercise designed to get you "out of your head" and into the feel of the music.
Ghosting exercises in binary & ternary.
Polyrhythmic & polymetric exercises.
Complete maintenance & tuning instructions.



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