2.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 230 min

Presented by Hannes Grossmann, who has performed with Technical Death Metal bands such as Necrophagis & OBSCURA. Features chapters on hand technique, foot technique, speed & endurance. There are certain practice methods Hannes shows that will drastically increase your speed and endurance. Hannes used and developed those methods himself during the preparations for Necrophagist’s ‘Epitaph’ album, for which he was able to increase his hand speed for single strokes from 200 bpm to 240 bpm within 5 months.

Also features phrasings and groove concepts that can be used for all kinds of music. The concepts are about the musical use of blast beats and how to use phrasings and accents from different genres, i.e. latin music, that can be integrated in blasts. Hannes deeply explains how to get started with odd-time signatures and how to modulate odd time phrasings, but also gives a precise insight into advanced double bass grooves and how to phrase metal fills.

This video features a lot of music performances from Obscura, Ron Jarzombek and others, as well as drum solos (they appear from time to time within several chapters – there’s also one main 15 minutes drum solo that will hopefully entertain a lot of other drummers).

The lessons are helpful for beginners, intermediate and advanced drummers – the exercises are highly practical but also very general, so on whatever stage you’re at with your playing, it will help you to increase your drum skills…but also entertain you!


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