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The Jazz Play Along series Bluesy Jazz edition offers 10 Jazz standards for Bb, Eb and C instruments. The CD features a choice of backing tracks allowing the player to isolate or remove the melody, the bass, the piano or simply play along with a full stereo rhythm section. Each part is presented as an easy to read Lead Sheet, with chord symbols for improvisation. An innovative way of using your favourite Bluesy Jazz tunes to your boost performance confidence and your improvisation skills. The selection of tunes features something for everyone, from the smooth cool Blues of

Sonny Rollins to the twisting harmionies of Ornette Coleman.


Songs include: Angel Eyes, Bag's Groove, Bessie's Blues, Chitlins Con Carne, Good Morning, Heartache, High Fly, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Night Train, Sugar, Sweet Georgia Bright




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