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Stuart Bull - 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn

Stuart Bull - 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn

4.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 120 min

This DVD features a technique that’s taking the rock guitar world by storm. The "Hybrid Picking” technique has been used in country music and blues for many years, and is now a tour de force in the rock guitar world, with players such as Michael Lee Firkins and Carl Verheyen bringing it to the forefront. This DVD includes 51 licks using Hybrid Picking for many ideas and phrases such as rapid fire pentatonic licks, ascending and defending runs, blues scale ideas and much more. The Hybrid Picking technique uses plectrum and finger

or fingers to play fast and accurate licks that simply cannot be played the same with conventional nose picking techniques. This DVD will give you an excellent insight into developing this exciting technique, not forgetting to mention adding 51 killer licks to your repertoire.

Stuart Bull - 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn


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