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Paul Hanson, virtuoso guitarist and the author of SHRED GUITAR, presents this system for improvising both rhythm and lead parts in metal and rock. Hanson carefully demonstrates the various techniques for mastering the art of soloing such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, sweep licks, and vibrato. He also lays the foundation for rock improvisation by teaching blues scales with the

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Learn five Kiss tracks note for note with Danny Gill. This superb DVD will teach you five tracks from the world’s greatest glam metal band... learn every riff and solo note for note!

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In this video, Reb demonstrates an incredible variety of two-handed tapping, whammy bar and harmonic applications, rock rhythm playing, muting and how to develop your own style.

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Every 10 or 20 years a guitar method is published that sets a new milestone in guitar education. The guitar studies of Fernando Sor, the Carcassi Guitar Method, Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method and Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry are four excellent examples. Each earned its place in the history of music education, and the efficacy of each approach holds up to this day.

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Learn five Jeff Beck tracks note-for-note with Michael Casswell. This excellent 2-DVD set will teach you five instrumental pieces from one of the greatest guitarists of all time! Includes note-for-note lessons and performances for each track. Tracks include: 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers, Where Were You, Big Block, Brush With The Blues, Two Rivers

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This excellent DVD & CD Guitar tutorial set shows you how to nail five of the best guitar solos by Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page. It also includes performances and Guitar jam tracks for each solo section at slow, medium and full tempo so you can learn each solo at your own pace and steadily build up to full speed.Lessons include:

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Expand and develop your sweep picking technique with Andy James.
One of the most frequently asked questions in the field of guitar education is What do I practice This excellent DVD series provides lessons and pieces of music exclusively written for practicing essential guitar techniques. By combining the technique lessons with the music and learning the piece from start to finish, you will not only improve your ability, but also get a sense of achievement and fun from practicing. Andy James is a well respected guitarist and teacher whose influences include Greg

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Techniques, patterns and fills for modern rock rhythm guitar Rock guitarists play rhythm 95% of the time, and we certainly don’t get to solo as much as we’d like to, but when we do — game on! And the game today requires a deep bag of techniques and a wide palette of colors to call on during those few moments of bliss up front and center, under the spotlight.

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Step-by-step guitar lessons for learning basic chords, picking & strumming so you can have more fun playing your guitar.

What you'll learn

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One of the biggest challenges every guitarist faces while developing their improvisation skills is learning how to play over chord changes. Its one thing to work your pentatonic box all day long over a blues or 2-chord vamp, its quite another to solo over a series of chord changes, tonalities and keys. For intermediate players in particular, soloing over chord changes seems to be where the brakes get slammed on.