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At DC Music School, we strongly believe in the spirit of sharing; your support allows us to not only release more fine products like this, but also, free lessons/downloads for everyone to enjoy! To fully benefit from these video lessons, we highly recommend that you transcribe the music aurally and visually, before using the transcriptions. At DC Music School, we place a strong emphasis on ear training, and the ability to learn on the spot; skills that every professional musician should have. It will benefit you in the long run. Use the

transcriptions as cheat sheets if you are stuck. Furthermore, in improvised music, we are often dealing with articulation/timing/tone issues that are not possible to accurately notate. You will have to use your eyes and ears to capture these very important nuances. Remember, the small details are what make up the big picture!

Lessons Vol 1:

Intro and Influences
Jason's Picking Technique - Part 1
Jason's Picking Technique - Part 2
Jason's Picking Technique - Part 3
Jason's Tapping Technique
Jason's Use of Bends & Vibrato
Jason's Use of Bends - Part 2
Jason's Whammy Bar Technique
Jason's Use of Slides
Jason's Use of Harmonics - Part 1
Jason's Use of Harmonics - Part 2
Jason's Chordal Vocabulary - Part 1
Jason's Chordal Vocabulary - Part 2


Lessons Vol 2
: Pentatonics - Part 1
Pentatonics - Part 2
Pentatonics - Part 3
Exotic Scales
Blues Concepts
Scale Shapes
Scale Sequences - Part 1
Scale Sequences - Part 2
Scale Sequences - Part 3
Harmonizing Melodies
Twelve Tone rows

Lessons Vol 3:

Arpeggios - Part 1
Arpeggios - Part 2
Arpeggios - Part 3
Arpeggios - Part 4
Arpeggios - Part 5
Arpeggios - Part 6
Arpeggios - Part 7
Arpeggios - Part 8
Arpeggios - Part 9
Arpeggios - Part 10
Miscellaneous Arpeggios
Arpeggio Sequence 1
Arpeggio Sequence 2
Arpeggio Sequence 3
Serrana Arpeggios


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