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Ultimate beginner course taught by Berklee alumnus Chris Rupp will have you playing great in no time. Learn correctly!

What you'll learn

You will learn the basic skills needed to get started with guitar
Learn how to play the basic open chords and barre chords
Learn the basics of rhythm w/tab and so much more






Learn how to tune your guitar
Learn the parts of your guitar
Learn how to read notes on the staffv Learn the notes on the neck
Learn to sight read the natural notes on all 6 strings
Learn how to read guitar tablature w/tab
Learn to read and strum rhythms from beginner to intermediate levels w/tab
Learn a really easy way to get soloing in major or minor keys
Learn to strum chord progressions w/tab
Learn how to play a blues scale
Learn how to play a power chord
Practice power chords with rhythm examples w/tab
Learn to play a 12 bar blues in E
Learn to find any specific note all over the neck
Learn how to drop D tune
Learn to play a rhythm in Drop D w/tab
Learn how to play a barre chord
Learn some cool basic lead guitar techniques


You don't need any prior guitar playing skills. Just bring your guitar.
This course is great for a new guitar player or a beginner/intermediate player as well.


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