3.7 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 |60 min

Tosin Abasi, the undisputed master of the seven- & eight-string guitar reveals his playing and practicing secrets. This DVD includes over an hour of instruction in seven-string arpeggios, economy picking, odd-meter phrasing, hybrid picking and much more. In addition to this the DVD includes warm-ups for both hands.








Animal Instinct - Getting a feel for picking techniques with the track "Somnarium"
Economies of Scale - Making effective use of economy picking, and how Tosin Abasi plays his solos in "Somnarium"
Inter-Planetary Exploration - How to play the outro guitar solo in "Earth Departure"
Double Up - Double picking, and the first solo in "An Infinite Regression"
Thumbs Up - How to play the thumb-slapped intro to "An Infinite Regression"
Lucky Sevens - Making odd meters feel natural, and how to play "Cylindrical Sea"
Six Sense - Playing 6/4, and the hybrid-picked arpeggios in "David"
Six of Another - More on playing in 6/4 meter, and how I perform the hybrid-picked arpeggios in "David," part 2.
Voicing Opinions - Devising chord voicings on the eight-string guitar
Turn on the Heat - Effective ways to warm up both hands
Rollercoaster Ride - Seven-string arpeggios
Two-Hand Touch - Examining the two-hand tapping and odd-meter phrasing in "Isolated Incidents"
Connect the Dots - Analyzing the harmonized melody lines in "Isolated Incidents"

Your instructor is Tosin Abasi. Regarded as one of the new millenium's brightest guitar stars, Tosin Abasi is the guitarist and composer for the instrumental progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. He has recorded and released two self-titled albums with the group: their self titled debut, and Weightless. This DVD includes a .pdf file with tabs.


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