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Take the guesswork out of melodic playing and create more impact with your lines, using Jake Willson’s brand new and hugely in-depth Melodic Phrasing Masterclass!

Jake says ‘How to play and phrase melodically is a subject I’m asked about all the time and the answer is often far too complex to get across in even a few ‘one to one’ lessons. So I thought I’d design this huge, in-depth course specifically to make you a more melodic and musical guitarist.

This masterclass will give you a step-by-step method, that will take the guesswork out of melodic playing. Whether you’re composing or improvising, this masterclass will help you to make better note choices and give you all the tools you need to create more adaptable and melodic phrases in your own playing.’

After a brief introduction video, Jake jumps right in, getting you started with the core of this masterclass, a hugely in-depth PDF. We’re not joking when we say ‘huge’ either - Jake seriously went to town with this masterclass and has written a ‘gold mine’ of over 16,000 words worth of explanations, tips, tricks and knowledge that you can pour into your playing. There’s a reason why he’s one of the best and it’s abundantly evident in this masterclass!

In the exercises Jake puts the fundamentals of melody under the microscope. Bringing you along for the journey, he dives deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind each exercise. Doing this is going to help you to develop an understanding of how melody interacts with harmony and rhythm. You’ll get a plethora of exercises, each serving the purpose of laying down the ground work required to make your playing more melodical.

After he has taken you through the fundamentals and you’re clear of the exercise section, Jake outlines his own personal approach to developing melodic ideas and phrasing. In this section you'll get 22 licks (11 over each style backing), and not only will you learn some truly outstanding guitar licks, but Jake will 'reveal all' as he analyses the execution and concepts behind them one at a time in the masterclass PDF.

When all is said and done, Jake has written two backing tracks in different styles especially for this masterclass. The backings are stripped back and are structured like songs, leaving you enough room to apply everything you’ve learned to come up with your own melodies.

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything!

So maybe you've been wondering how the pro’s ‘think’ when coming up with the amazing guitar lines you hear from your favourite players. Or maybe you just want to take massive steps towards being able to really say something with your music. Either way, Jake’s masterclass is going to give you invaluable insights into all of this and more, as you learn how to make your own playing vastly more melodic.

What's included…
Introduction Video
33 Page Masterclass PDF
61 Exercises (Audio/Video)
22 Licks (Audio/Video)
Lick Backings
2 Full Backings
Complete TAB/Notation (в PNG)


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