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Spend an intense hour with one of today's power-players in modern guitar. In Power Solos, his 2nd video, Shawn Lane teaches you note-for-note solo excerpts from his unique compositions. From the pop-rock feel of "Get You Back" to the jazz overtones of "Esperanto" you'll experience Shawn's vast depth of musical influences as he performs these and more!

Power Solos also features a special section on Shawn's amazing use of pentatonic scales. Learn his favorite fingering patterns and picking sequences allowing you to create literally hundreds of unusual pentatonic lines. And finally Shawn discusses composing, recording, his piano playing and gives you valuable advice on maintaining a musical balance. So let Shawn Lane help you put the power of melodic phrasing, musicality and technical chops into your playing with Power Solos. The Shawn Lane videos are useful for intermediate to advanced players. There are many good suggestions as well as examples of exercises in both tapes. It shows Shawn Lane playing his best licks, these are very amazing to watch.


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