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In this follow-up to Richard's first DVD The Alchemical Guitarist, Volume 1, he delivers more insights to help players understand the fretboard in a clear pattern-based method. His easy-to-understand concepts give guitarists of all instruction levels new ways to see the fretboard that can facilitate everything from positional play to soloing to moving up and down the neck smoothly and quickly. One of Guitar World's most

popular instructors, Richard presents lessons on topics that include playing walking bass on the guitar, double pull-offs and hammer-ons in open position thirds, using pentatonic bends to make your playing mistake free, and much more. Also has two hours of lessons.




The Alchemical Guitarist 2 DVD contains these lessons:

Expanding Your Palette: Playing walking bass on the guitar
Riding Satan's Tritone: How the Devil's interval makes all things possible
Stacked Thirds: Chord qualities and vertical strength
An Alchemy of Sweet Patterns: Working with diatonic thirds, sixths and 10ths
Triad Archipelagoes: Modular routing up the fretboard
Open Access: Double pull-offs and hammer-ons in open position
The Single-String Magesterium: Learning scale patterns one string at a time
Getting into Shapes: The secret behind the circle of fourths/fifths progressions
Advantage Position: Intervals, pedaling and chord arpeggios in positional play
The War on Error: Using pentatonic bends to make your playing mistake free
Anchor Steam: Gaining chord power with "finger anchors"
Triple Play: A study in triad inversions


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