4.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 122 min

This comprehensive training package covers three bass drum techniques and how you can apply them to your drumming! These techniques will improve your overall bass drum speed, power and technique! Holding the world record for single strokes on the bass drum, Tim Waterson walks you through the techniques that have taken his bass drumming to the next level.

This pack is great for beginners, or advanced players who want to improve their bass drumming! Disc 1 - Tim breaks down and demonstrates the 3 main foot techniques. Heel down, Heel up and Heel toe. He then shows us to how to develop the Moeller stroke for accenting patterns with our feet. Tim also explains and demonstrates the mysteries behind he swivel and glide motions. Tim holds nothing back as he breaks down the pump technique which allowed Tim to set a new world record for the single strokes feet 1057. Disc 2 Contains rare footage of Tim performing on stage and in the studio with a variety of bands throughout his musical career.



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