750 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 91 min

His and Jab'o's instructional video's, Soul of the Funky Drummers, special guest are Fred Wesley, John Scofield, John Medeski and Fred Thomas. The new JB's CD, Bring the Funk on Down, is produced by Fred Wesley. October 1999 he toured with the JB's in Japan.

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

Learn basic rock drumming from simple beats to difficult four-way coordination with the acclaimed "Drumsense" teaching technique.

700 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Mike Portnoy, the drummer for the progressive heavy metal band Dream Theater, presents a fantastic instructional DVD for intermediate to advanced players.Topics include: drum set assembly, double-bass techniques, odd time signatures, grooves and phrasing, and

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

Accomplished drummer Marko Djordjevic leads this informative program on his own, personal approach to drumming, covering extensive issues such as balance, time signatures, polyrhythms, drum solos, complex musical ideas, and more.

1.1 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 70 min

This challenging play-along transcription book begins with Omar demonstrating several warm-up exercises for getting loose around the kit. In two exciting solo segments, his solo phrases are broken down and isolated into themes. Also included are solo phrases in a jazz style. A great book for groove, fill, and soloing.

14 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 200 min

Anatomy of a Drum Solo presents newly-recorded, in-studio footage of Neil discussing, in detail, his approach to soloing. Using a solo recorded in September, 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany, as a framework, Neil talks about each segment of this nine-minute tour de force that is a feature of each Rush performance. He describes the inspiration and the conceptual thinking behind each part of the solo and discusses, and often demonstrates, the technique necessary for playing that segment.

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 80 min

A unique chance to study with an all-time drum legend! The great rock drummer takes you through a wide range of techniques, from paradiddles, beat displacement, and tom-tom technique through African rhythms, double-bass drum technique and much more.

3.66 GB | DVD | 720x480 | 60 min

Learn to play five Led Zeppelin tracks note for note with Pete Riley. This excellent DVD will teach you tracks and techniques from the legendary drummer behind the rock powerhouse Led Zeppelin... track lessons include; Rock And Roll When The Levee Breaks Good Times Bad Times Black Dog Fool In The Rain

3.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

An entertaining and instructive lesson from Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton. Aided by Arlen Roth and Tommy Shannon, Chris gives an in-depth demonstration that includes: One-handed rolls; Double hand sticking; Getting the right feel; 6/8 shuffles; Triplet roll fills; Use of the bass drum in

4.24 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 120 min

Features easy-to-follow instructions helpful tips on: Warming Up Utilizing Triplets Gaining Independence Playing Double Bass Enhancing Your Performance Skills In addition, Eric gives his own heartfelt advice on the "business" side of the music business. Also Includes: Multiple Camera Angles Rare Live KISS Footage Additional Solos Drum Lesson Chart Photo