4.4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 160 min

John Blackwell brings his R&B / funk / pop drumming mastery to this enlightening educational DVD. Filmed in front of a live audience, John demonstrates the musical skills that have made him the drummer of choice for artists such as Prince, Patti LaBelle and Justin Timberlake. 

4.2 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 170 min

In an intimate master-class setting, Antonio Sanchez displays his extraordinary musical skills in the context of challenging songs and incredible solo segments. Performing both on his smaller traditional jazz set, and the larger kit that he uses with the Pat Metheny Group, he presents musical concepts, exercises, and suggestions for developing musicianship that apply to serious drum students of all levels.

1.8 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 100 min

We are all drummers...and our first jam sessions date back to a duet of heartbeats in the womb. It may be that you have forgotten, or simply lost touch with the drummer that you truly are: the lessons on the disc will begin the process of remembering how to drum. This DVD is carefully designed to reinforce basic djembe technique and provide a solid foundation for learning the rich tradition of djembe.

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

Well known author and percussionist Trevor Salloum takes you on a journey into his Middle Eastern roots and provides a clear presentation of tuning, positioning, strokes, exercises, notation, timing, ear training, soloing and common rhythms. If that is not enough, this DVD includes a rare, special feature performance of world-renowned Middle Eastern

600 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 50 min

Mike's Drum-cam footage from the Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence recording sessions. Audio Options include: Full Band; Isolated Drums and an Audio Commentary with Mike. Tracks: The Glass Prison Blind Faith Misunderstood The Great Debate About to Crash War Inside My Head The Test That Stumped

4.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 125 min

Phil Maturano's Afro Cuban Drumming, an overview for Drumset, is designed to give the drumset player a birds eye view of the Afro Cuban drumming experience. If you've always wanted to get into Latin styles, this is your chance. Phil's attention to detail is fantastic, using two of the most popular styles of Afro-Cuban music, players of every level can learn from the very beginning! Start by seeing and hearing

4.4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 120 min

The Master Drummer is based on over 40 years of observing and studying the master players. Throughout this DVD, renowned player, author, and teacher John Riley defines and explores the four key musical components drummers must develop in order to play at the highest level. John's insightful approach will help any drummer grow, regardless of level or style, and will lead to positive results in the achievement of one's musical goals.

2.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

A unique tutorial DVD that tackles the difficulties of awkward phrasing at the Drum Kit. Expert Drum tutor Pete Riley demonstrates some unusual phrasing and timing situations, and suggests a series of techniques as strategies, including:

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 120 min

A surreal instrumental journey across the realms of madness, in search of the elusive heart of drumming: getting back to the 2 and 4.