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The Sitar is one of the most popular instruments in Hindustani shastriya sangeet and is a versatile instrument. Its ability to produce a deeply emotive tone that is very close to the human voice agility and liveliness has made it a very sought after instrument. Sitar music has been patronized for about 700 years and the fact that it is still being practiced today with dedication and passion is a testimony to its grandeur.






This DVD of "Learning the Sitar" comprises basic lessons on playing the Sitar by Sri B. Siva Ramakrishna Rao, a disciple of late Ustad. Ahmed Hussain Khan who was the doyen of Mian Achpal Gharana. The Lessons on this DVD have been tailored in such a way that they can be practiced in the comfort of your home.


History of the Sitar & Artists profile
Introduction and Ways of Handling the instrument
Types of Sitar
Parts of Sitar
Basic lessons
Fingering techniques
Concert pattern



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