698 MB | xVid | 480x368 | 01:24:54

Now, with this powerful lesson filled with invaluable advice and insider’s tips, you can increase your guitar skills and perfect your playing style through proper practice routines. You’ll learn how to isolate the problem phrases in a piece of music, use a metronome to build solid rhythm, increase your picking speed (flatpick or finger style), train your "muscle memory," and, perhaps most importantly, learn

3.2 GB | DVD5 | 640x480 | 130 min

In this book, renowned guitarist and educator Glenn Riley teaches you everything you need to know to become a great shredder. Riley helps you master techniques like bending, vibrato, tremolo, tapping, pinch harmonics, sweep picking, legato playing, fingerstyle, and more. With crystal-clear instruction, Riley will guide you on your way to masterful shred playing. The included DVD features live demonstrations by Riley.

35 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 18 hrs

In Learn and Master Guitar: Fingerstyle Guitar, this 10-disc set, guitar master Steve Krenz shows you how to play beautifully and cleanly using his tried and true fingerstyle method. Each season is accompanied by both a beginner and an advanced workshop session. Best of all, you'll learn more than just "technique," Steve teaches you how to arrange songs on your own for fingerstyle guitar. Imagine playing your favorites for family and friends, even if you've never heard them played fingerstyle before!

500 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 56 min

Bring new colors and voicings to your playing with Berklee Professor Rick Peckham, internationally known jazz guitarist, composer, writer, and clinician. In this Berklee Workshop, Peckham unlocks the mysteries of modal tonality, with a series of exercises and demonstrations that will expand your vocabulary, no matter what instrument you play.

1 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Guitar Gods looks at the pioneering technique of Blackmore that combined virtuosity with flamboyant showmanship, talking to those who knew and played with one of the most controversial frontmen in the history of Rock.

600 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Spend an intense hour with one of today's power-players in modern guitar. In Power Solos, his 2nd video, Shawn Lane teaches you note-for-note solo excerpts from his unique compositions. From the pop-rock feel of "Get You Back" to the jazz overtones of "Esperanto" you'll experience Shawn's vast depth of musical influences as he performs these and more!

700 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Master shredder Terry Syrek makes it easy to become a rock lead-guitar virtuoso. Discover monster chop-building exercises and the secret to mind-bending, super-fast, sweep-picking licks. Plus, make creative use of the pentatonic scale and other scales you wouldn't necessarily think of using. 48 pages. DVD running time: 60 minutes.

8.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

Learn killer metal soloing techniques with Andy James Take your shredding to the next level! This superb DVD will take your metal soloing to the next level, while increasing your musical knowledge with an arsenal of licks and techniques including string skipping, sweep picking, tapping techniques, alternate picking, metal rhythm techniques and much more.

444 MB | MPEG | 352x240 | 00:44:54

An instructional video in which guitar god George Lynch of the hard-rock band Dokken explains his use of various scales and chords while offering some suggestions as to how to go about creating your own rock hits. Loaded with plenty of excellent hand shots for the aspiring guitarist.

941 MB | DVDrip | 352x240 | 01:48:54

DVD reissue of Paul Gilbert's guitar instruction video from 1996 features Gilbert's tips on picking and fingering for classical works from Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. Also includes two performances of Mr. Big songs.