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Danny Gill shows you the skills you need to play five massive rock anthems from the Foo Fighters. Get you hands around the songs that have lifted Dave Grohl's band to superstar-status, including All My Life, Times Like These and Monkey Wrench. Gill provides note-for-note tuition so that you don't miss a single riff.

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Learn five Kiss tracks note for note with Danny Gill. This superb DVD will teach you five tracks from the world’s greatest glam metal band... learn every riff and solo note for note!

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Paul Hanson, virtuoso guitarist and the author of SHRED GUITAR, presents this system for improvising both rhythm and lead parts in metal and rock. Hanson carefully demonstrates the various techniques for mastering the art of soloing such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, sweep licks, and vibrato. He also lays the foundation for rock improvisation by teaching blues scales with the

821 MB | MPEG | 352x288 | 01:00:54

In this video, Reb demonstrates an incredible variety of two-handed tapping, whammy bar and harmonic applications, rock rhythm playing, muting and how to develop your own style.