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One of the Old School of guitar players, Kee is also another underated guitarist with a lot of ability and a penchant for not only blazing chops, but highly melodic solos. He covers some scale sequences, alternate picking exercises, string skipping exercises, solo composition, throws in a few licks and also covers a couple of tunes to see the man in action. This is definately one o

f these videos to watch rather than dissect bluntly. If you break down down the video to simply the parts that are tabbed out you’re missing out on some very cool examples of tension/release and how he approaches melodies. The compositional and emotive elements of his playing are of far more use than the picking exercises but anyone who has a knowledge of his musical output will realise that he covers both approaches very successfully. Many guitarists of this period were quite idiosyncrcatic in their approach to the guitar and as such I think that anyone with an interest in melodic playing, or indeed a penchant for the 1980?s will benefit from this video



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