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A throwback to the hair metal bands of the '80s, Vinnie Moore stomps along the same guitar paths as Eddie Van Halen and guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. In an effort to make sure that rock never dies, Moore teamed up with the Hot Licks Video crew to produce the instructional video that will ensure the long life of super speed metal. Vinnie Moore: Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques is the tut

orial that all the young and old hair band wannabes have been searching for. With lessons on speed metal theory, substitution scales, advanced pivoting licks, arpeggio sweeps, and building triplet patterns -- as well as right and left hand exercises -- Vinnie Moore: Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques will have novices sounding like Joe Satriani before mom has the chance to climb the stairs and tell them to turn down the amp. ~ Ed Atkinson, Rovi


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