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Vincent John Cusano (born August 6, 1952), better known as Vinnie Vincent, is an American guitarist and songwriter most famous for his brief membership in the band Kiss. A relatively unknown singer-guitarist named Vincent Cusano was brought in as an uncredited studio replacement for Ace Frehley during the recording sessions for Kiss' Creatures of the Night album. Vincent was chosen out of hundreds

of tryouts of the cream of the country's lead guitarists who were vying for the lead guitar position in Kiss. After playing on the Creatures album, Vincent was asked by the band to be a member of Kiss and tour with Kiss for the upcoming Creatures of the Night Tour , an album in which Vincent had a vested interest as a co-writer of the band's songs, such as "I Love It Loud", "Killer", and "I Still Love You." Vincent was the last member of Kiss to join during the original "makeup" era and toured as "The Ankh Warrior". Vincent stayed with Kiss for two albums, The "Creatures" album and tour as well as the Lick It Up album and tour.


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