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Sarah Spisak has been making music theory fun and accessible for countless guitarists over the years. Her ground-breaking “Melodic Principles” course briefly covered a nine-note block system for mastering the modes and covering the entire fretboard with minimal time and effort. Now she has expanded on this innovative method and packed the course with fun-to-play exercises, solos and backing tracks.






Simple system is based on a basic pattern you can learn right away

-Move this pattern to other keys and octaves
-Change just one note, link it to the first pattern
-Quickly learn to cover large areas of the fretboard

For Players at Different Skill Levels

-Easy-to-follow on-screen animated tab
-Simple patterns
-Clear diagrams
-Examples played at 50bpm (thatâ?™s really slow!)
-Simple solos for beginners
-More advanced solos for intermediate players

Here's What You Get

*Clear instruction videos
*Tab PDFs
*Guitar Pro files
*23 Backing tracks
*Instructor support via forum and e-mail

You Will Learn…

-Seven modes
-The unique sounds of these modes
-Pentatonic shapes “hiding” in the diatonic patterns
-Linking patterns and moving them to other keys and octaves
-Aggressive Phrygian riffs
-Smooth legato licks
-Several complete musical pieces and solos
-Common minor progressions and how to play over them
-The circle of fourths and the “Power Metal” sound
-Standard jazz progression (ii-V-I)
-Modal harmony
-The mode spectrum
…and more!


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