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This DVD is a compilation of several VHS tapes which were made in the 1990s. The DVD is quite pricey and I, mistakenly, first bought "Highlights". I originally thought they were different items, the information on the DVD did not include a track list. This DVD "Blues Master" is the complete version and "Highlights" is the scaled down version of this set. However, I am more than happy

with this product. B.B.'s performance is easily his best live work in the last 20 years and the sound is excellent. This is much better than say "By Request" or "Jazz Channel Presents". If you are a guitar player you will get hints from it, but its not a real instructional lesson ( I agree with the previous reviewer in that regard), it's more like an interview and overview of Mr King's career. If you want instruction, buy one of the many books available or the new Guitar Signature Licks DVD.




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