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This book developed by two masters Elliot Fine and Marvin Dahlgren. All drummers will find something new. The book pointed on drummers from beginner to advanced level, so all drummers should have this book in own collection. A lot of exercises, examples and techniques covered. Topics covered:


Right Hand Exercises, Adding The Feet, Adding Accents, Combinations and Sequences of Accents, Mirror Exercises, Single Hand Accent Studies, Right Hand Accentings (left hand playing single stroke fill), Left Hand Accentings (right hand playing single stroke fill), Mirror Exercises on Single Hand Accent Phrases, One Hand Accenting (other hand playing double stroke fill), Double Stroke Accent before Single, Double Accent Studies, First and Second Beat Accent ob Double Strokes, Accenting Immediately after Triple Stroke, Accent Phrases, Bi-Rhythms (two against three) one measure exercises, Bi-Rhythms (three against four), Examples of Five against three and five against four, Sticking and Accent exercises - using same Accents but varios time signatures and rhythms, Exercises where Accent patterns permutate but sticking remains the same, Exercises to develop independent control of Accents on harmonic and melodic combinations, Studies in which both the Accents and Stickings permutate on Triplets in 4/4 Time, Suggested Accent Patterns - All Stickings, Combining different Accent Patterns, Miscellaneous Accents on 16th Notes, Degree of Accents


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