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Coordination & Groove is a video that is pretty much honest about its content. It’s a video about coordination and groove, in that order IMO. Alan Schechner (the host) is another one of those working drummers. The kind that we’ll probably end up like if we pursue the working drummer career path. Not famous, but then again… who needs fame if you have a job making music with the instrument of your choice? He’s also a drum instructor 

and has taught Steve Vai’s drummer Jeremy Colson. He’s also how I would expect a hypothetical Jamie Kennedy/Jerry Seinfeld love child to appear. 





His system is extremely similar to Akira Jimbo’s Wasabi method. They both function by taking a simple groove and applying different series of tweaks on the beat. They both start out tweaking the beats maybe once or twice. Depending on the original beat and how creative you’re feeling that day you’ll probably come across some cool beats of your own. Though, if you want your beat to really groove you better not go too crazy because it will quickly turn into a coordination exercise… hence the title of the film. Seriously though most of the examples aren’t readily applicable to most music. In fact, if you are going to play anything that you made using every step in this system; you better give your band a big warning beforehand. I suppose that’s the benefit of the system is you can take it as far as you want; I just think that approaching them with some restraint will produce the most musical result. In-fact most of the best grooves he plays are the ones BEFORE the transformation system.



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