775 MB | MPEG | 384x288 | 01:15:54

In Melodic Phrasing, Scott simply nails the hard to teach subject of improvisational phrasing. For 75 minutes he demonstrates how and why the art of phrasing is so important in making your solos coherent and sound melodic. You'll learn many rhythmic and melodic motifs that he uses to build solos, along with his many conceptual approaches to phrasing. Scott performs incredible demonstrations over one chord vamps, Blues, progressions and a special section on "Peru".

4.4 GB | DVD | 704x576 | 01:15:54

Hosted by Frank Gambale, this instructional video offers the viewer an exercise regimen that will improve one's guitar playing prowess. The exercises increase strength, dexterity, and hand and finger speed, as well as improve knowledge of music theory. A supplemental booklet featuring extra tips and a catalogue accompanies the DVD. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

4.35 GB | DVD | 704x576 | 00:58:54

This is an opportunity to learn with one of jazz guitar's most gifted artists, the late Emily Remler. All of the essentials of true jazz bebop and swing are taught here, including Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino styles, working with the metronome on 2 and 4, learning to identify changes, jazz-style blues, turnarounds, practice tips, passing notes and chords, chord substitutions, the Charleston rhythm, octave-style playing, Latin swing style, and much more!

4.45 GB | DVD | 704x480 | 01:06:54

Grammy-nominated jazz guitarist Mike Stern has been in the public eye (and ears) since he was a member of the Miles Davis Band in the early '80s. His prolific performances and recordings have earned him recognition as one of the best and most popular contemporary guitarists today. This, his first instructional video, includes four live performances by Mike and his band at the 55 Bar in New York City, the historical club in which Mike has played for over 15 years, accompanied by many great musicians, including

2.33 GB | DVD | 352x576 | 01:24:54

From bebop heroes Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus to fusion superstars Chick Corea and John McLaughlin, Coryell's guitar playing has graced the recordings of the hottest stars in Jazz, making him a guitarist of huge reputation and respect. In this three-part DVD series Coryell analyses his own Jazz perspective, providing an empirical method of solo and chord improvisation.

2.43 GB | DVD | 704x576 | 01:30:54

This video features one of the world's premier jazz guitarists, Barney Kessel, teaching improvisation concepts. It includes playing what you hear, fills, turnarounds, the building blocks of improvisation, and of course, the blues.

10.7 GB | DVD | 720x480 | 03:40:54

(3-DVD set) Leave it to John McLaughlin to revolutionize how guitar improvisation is taught to the masses. This is the Way I Do It is a DVD landmark. It is the first music instruction DVD to use the full capabilities of the medium. Displayed for all of the chapters are three camera views, the left-hand, the right-hand and a score so that the player can follow along.

750 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Gambale demonstrates his technique with diatonic scales, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, and triads, playing each slowly and then at lightning speed. DVD special features include tuning segment, video performance with Allan Holdsworth and John Scofield, Concert with Class preview, Frank Gambale catalog, and Internet connectivity.

350 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 70 min

Quartal harmony deals with guitar chord shapes and chord voicings that are built in 4ths rather than 3rds. This type of harmony is used by pianists and guitarists alike and utilizes voicings that can be used in many settings. Quartal voicings, and their inversions, are displayed in the DVD's accompanying chart with very clear diagrams

700 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 91 min

Let the undisputed "King of Swing" bring a personable and relaxed approach to the serious business of creating flowing and swinging guitar lines. In this one-hour video, Herb uses the 12-bar blues progression as a background while he discusses and demonstrates some favorite lines that have made him part of jazz guitar history. Herb takes you through tuning, chord formations