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Marty Friedman, a successful solo artist and former lead guitarist for Cacophony and Megadeth, is one of the most respected rock guitarists in the industry, known for his technical brilliance and harmonic sense of adventure. In this video for beginners, he gives you everything you need to get started! He covers: parts of the guitar, strings and picks, tuning, amp settings, effects and pedals, practice and performance tips, chords

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Known for his expressive slide guitar playing and inventive improvisational skill as well as his ability to draw the best out of other musicians, Howard Duane Allman is still thought to be one of the world's greatest guitarists over 40 years after his untimely death. A sought after session musician throughout his career for great acts such as Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett, Duane found greatest success was when he and younger sibling Greg co-founded the Allman Brothers Band.

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Learn five Mötley Crüe tracks note for note with Danny Gill This superb DVD will teach you the iconic licks and riffs of these kinds of the LA glam rock scene! Also included is the Lick Library companion Jamtrax CD containing all the songs from the DVD.

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This excellent DVD will help you master the classic Britpop anthems that rejuvenated guitar playing in the nineties! If you're looking to take your playing to the next level, this DVD/CD package will help get you there! Also included is a Jamtrax CD to play along with each song presented.

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If The Beatles were early rock's good guys in white hats, the Stones giddily took on the role of black-hatted bad boys. Powered through the years by Keith Richards' uncanny knack for gut-punching rock guitar riffs, the Stones have amazingly just celebrated 50 years of bad-boy rock! Amazingly, with now 50 years together as a band, The Stones formed in 1962 as a blues cover band. It wasn't 'til Aftermath in 1966, their fourth U.K.

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Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, talent promoter and a pioneer of the Minneapolis Sound, a hybrid mixture of Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk and New wave, Prince Rogers Nelson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the very first year he was eligible to do so. Ranking no. 27 on the Rolling Stone's list of '100 Greatest Artists of All Time', the number of artists that have influenced Prince's influences is almost as long as those who have in turn been influenced by him.

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Known for his expressive slide guitar playing and inventive improvisational skill as well asBest known as the lead Guitarist in Dire Straits, since their disbanding in 1995, Mark Knopfler has gone on to record and produce many solo albums and film scores. He has recorded and performed with numerous prominent musical artists such as Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins and Steely Dan! And is on of the most respected fingerstyle guitarists of the modern rock era. As well as winning multiple Grammy and Brit awards, Mark also holds three honorary

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Massimo Varini's Pop Guitar Survival Guide is an ideal course of study for intermediate guitar players and beyond (this is NOT a beginners course) who compose, arrange, or cover popular music across all genres. Presented in seven sections, each focused on a key element of the art, Massimo steps you through all of the fundamental rhythm and lead guitar skills, techniques, harmonic approaches and sonic qualities required to get the gig and keep it.

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Learn five Lynyrd Skynyrd tracks note for note with Danny Gill This superb 2 DVD set will teach you five rock anthems from these guitar legends! Tracks include; Freebird | Sweet Home Alabama | Simple Man | Tuesday's Gone | Gimmie Three Steps. Learn all the lead and rhythm guitar parts with the ultimate DVD guitar lessons. Each song is clearly explained note for note with this award winning guitar tuition method.

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Learn essential rock rhythm techniques with Danny GillI. In this rock rhythm guitar DVD Danny takes an in depth look at some of the essential concepts every rock guitarist should be familiar with; triads, power chords and their inversions; how to play over various grooves (straight time, the shuffle and swing grooves) and there is even a section on playing in odd meter.