3 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 250 min

Considered by many to be the greatest hard rock album of all time, there is no denying the significance of Guns N’ Roses explosive debut album.









+Welcome To The Jungle
-Intro & Pre Verse
-Verse & Chorus
-First Solo & Bridge
-Second Solo
+It's So Easy
-Rhythm Parts
-Solo & Outro
-Rhythm Parts
-Solos & Outro
+Out ta Get Me
-Rhythm Parts
-Solo & Outro
+Mr. Brownstone
-Intro & Verse
-Chorus & Bridge
-Solo & Outro
+Paradise City
-Intro & Chorus
-Intro Solo & Verse
-Main Solo & Double Time Section
+My Michelle
-Rhythm Parts
-Solo & Outro
+Think About You
-Intro & Verse
-2nd Solo & chorus
-Main Solo & Outro
+Sweet Child O' Mine
-Verse & Chorus
-1st & 2nd Solos
-Main Solo
+You're Crazy
-Main Riff & Pre Chorus
-Chorus & Interlude
+Anything Goes
-Verse & Chorus
-Solo & Breaks
+Rocket Queen
-Main Riff, Verse & Chorus
-Slide Solo
-Interlude & Third Verse
-Outro Solo


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