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his collection of video lessons covers a variety of the techniques and creative approaches that I use frequently in my playing. We’ll cover topics such as Modal Superimposition, Sonic Shapes, Whammy Bar Techniques and Voicing in Fourths. We’re also going to explore, and expand on, some topics that you’re likely already familiar with such as the pentatonic

blues scale; I’ll show you a whole new way of looking at it—using it as a base to take your playing from the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’ as the title of this course implies. We’ll also examine circle picking and I’ll show you the root of where it comes from.

We’ll break down my gear and look at a few of the pedal boards that I use and I’ll show you how I dial in certain sounds.

I’ve included several performances to illustrate how to apply all of the principal techniques and approaches that we work on in the course.

So grab your guitar and lets dig in!


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