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Michael Angelo Batio Interview Package A pioneer of virtuoso guitar, Michael Angelo Batio's impossible chops are a gift to players everywhere. From his groundbreaking Star Licks instructional video, to his blazing follow-up Speed Kills, Mike's remarkable right hand steals the show. Quite simply, Mike is the owner of one of the most mechanically efficient alternate picking techniques on the planet. With the Masters in Mechanics Michael Angelo Batio Package, get a double shot of alternate picking mastery with two complete

interviews plus a host of in-depth instructional materials to get you started.



Michael Angelo Batio Live 2017

In March 2017, Mike stopped by the Cracking the Code studio for a live broadcast. In this wide ranging conversation, we discuss Mike's history in bands like Holland and Nitro, his career as a solo artist, and of course his inimitable technique. Heading into his incredible fifth decade of terrorizing the frets, Mike's technique has lost none of its trademark fire and precision, and seeing it live and in such detail is as ever a source of wonder and inspiration.

Michael Angelo Batio 2007 Interview

Mike's landmark 2007 interview was one of our earliest experiences interviewing true virtuosos in the wild. Mike's unguarded attitude and world famous preparedness helped us kick the door open to the world of two-way pickslanting and swiping. See the original footage that changed our conception of guitar technique forever. The interview includes over forty slow-motion examples, with accurate tablature, including picking instructions for every note. Conquering the Scale: Two-Way Pickslanting Tutorial

To turbocharge your pickslanting progress, we also created an additional one-hour instructional feature called “Conquering the Scale”, which takes you step-by-step through the process of recreating Mike's two-way pickslanting movements. It's included here with the Batio interview package!

The Complete Michael Angelo Batio Bundle includes:

* 1 hour, 15 min. interview
* 47 example clips with slow-motion video
* Tablature in PDF and Guitar Pro
* “Conquering the Scale” feature detailing the fascinating
discovery of Mikeâ?™s two-way pickslanting mastery
* 30 minutes of step-by-step tutorial on achieving two-way
pickslanting * 15 additional “Conquering the Scale” video/tab examples
* NEW — Michael Angelo Batio Live 2017 (Interview + Commentary)


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