3.7 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 60 min

Learn, visualize and remember the notes on the fretboard with Matthew Von Doran. This superb DVD will teach you a system that organizes the fretboard in a way that enables you to quickly visualize any scale, chord or arpeggio pattern and also know each note's name & function. Whether you are practicing, improvising, composing or performing, this approach allows you to make note choices on the fly. By decreasing your response time to any

1.5 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 135 min

Learn killer tremelo bar techniques with Michael Casswell. This superb DVD will teach you how to get the best from the tremelo system on your Guitar! Lessons range from basic tips to wild whammy bar techniques!

3.8 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

On this superb DVD Danny takes an in depth look at the 7 major scale modes. Learn scale patterns, licks and solos for the ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian and locrian modes and understand how they relate to each other. Also learn how to recognize and create your own modal progressions. Each solo idea is played in context with a full high quality backing track and then demonstrated slowly.

Learn killer speed building and speed soloing techniques with Andy James. This superb DVD will teach you essential techniques to get your soloing up to warp speed. Lessons range from basic tips to advanced shredding techniques including alternate picking.

3 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 90 min

Ideal for rock guitarists of all levels, this Playing With Feel DVD is a rare opportunity to 'sit in' with Dave Kilminster, one of today’s best guitar performers and teachers.
On this excellent DVD, Dave explains and demonstrates essential dynamic techniques- a must for any rock guitarist!

2.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 110 min

Stuart Bull presents a foolproof guide to scale shapes, pentatonics and modes across the full guitar neck that will take your soloing skills to dizzying new heights! Discover the tools that will allow you to visualise the notes you need like never before - opening up endless possibilities for extended scalic solos and improvisation.

4 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 91 min

Learn Zakk Wylde's guitar styles and licks with Jamie Humphries Pentatonic sequences, harmonics and vibrato, hybrid picking... This excellent two hour DVD will teach you some of the guitar techniques that influenced metal guitarists worldwide! If you're looking to take your playing to the next level, this DVD will

700 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 60 min

Learn killer blues licks in the style of David Gilmour, one of the UKs finest blues-rock guitarists! Also includes a blues guitar jam track. Lessons by Jamie Humphries. Each Quick Licks DVD includes an arsenal of licks in the style of your chosen artist to add to your repertoire, plus backing tracks to practice your new licks and techniques. Jamie Humphries is the author of the acclaimed Giants Of Rock and Giants Of Metal guitar courses. He is a tutor at

2.4 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 90 min

There is nothing more satisfying than writing your own song. Many great guitar players would trade in their fastest lick for one great rock song. This DVD will show you many techniques concepts and ideas to help you achieve something that is probably much easier than you think.

250 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 25 min

Short lesson from Norifumi Shima