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Learn five Simon & Garfunkel tracks note for note with Lee Hodgson. This superb DVD will teach you five inspirational acoustic classics from one of the most popular recording artists of the 60s. Tracks include; Mrs Robinson, The Boxer, Scarborough Fair, America, The Sound Of Silence. Lee Hodgson is a versatile studio musician and vastly experienced stage performer. He is also a regularly featured columnist and transcriber for both Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazine.

4.02 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 200 min

This superb DVD will teach you five classic tracks from the golden age of Rock & Roll... Tracks include:

517 MB | MPEG | 352x240 | 00:51:54

Theory being an important part of rock, it is no wonder that the Hot Lick Video crew courted this virtuoso to uncover the secrets of improvisation, arpeggiating scales, pentatonic improvised scales, and working with primary modes. Though the theories discussed on Al Pitrelli: Applied Theory for Rock Guitar are a bit advanced, this tutorial may also help struggling pickers take their playing to the next level.

554 MB | MPEG | 352x288 | 00:55:54

Spend an exciting hour with one of Rock's brilliant up and coming stars, Ritchie Kotzen. With unbelievable technical command and a fluid teaching style, Richie shows you hi-tech rock techniques such as: shapes and sequences for melodic legato playing, intentive ways to combine string skipping and right hand tapping to create mind boggling sounds, plus scales, sweeping

8 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 130 min

Learn five Judas Priest tracks for guitar note for note with Danny Gill. This superb DVD teaches you some of the best riffs and solos from one of the greatest English heavy metal acts!

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Learn five Hank Marvin tracks note for note with experienced performer and studio musician Lee Hodgson. Innovative and original guitarist Hank Marvin led the Shadows to worldwide acclaim, writing tracks which are synonymous with the summery 50s and 60s sound, the novel metallic picking, echo and generous tremolo use on a Fiesta Red Fender

3.5 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 120 min

Danny Gill gives you a step-by-step guide to the guitar work of the original palm-mute punks. The music of Green Day, inspired by both classic songwriting and the US alternative rock tradition, has set the blueprint for countless pop-punk bands. Songs including Basket Case and Welcome To Paradise are now seen as the roots of the modern punk sound, and in this DVD Danny Gill

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This superb DVD teaches you some of Paul Kossoff's best riffs and solos from his time with one of the greatest British rock acts.

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You'll learn how to craft the perfect chord voicing, apply the most appropriate rhythmic pattern, play killer bubble parts or fills, and most importantly - develop the creative and technical skills necessary to make your parts not just complementary but majorly distinctive as well.

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41 QUICK Lessons on Mastering the Scales, watch & Learn! Over the past 24 years, Jimmy Brown has built a reputation as one of the world's finest music editors through his work as transcriber, arranger and senior music editor for Guitar World magazine, the world's best-selling magazine for guitarists. In addition to these roles, he is a busy working musician, performing regularly as a solo acoustic guitar/vocal act and rocking out